It has been noted that some of the leading casinos in the world now accept debit cards as payment for their services. However, one big question mark is if these online casinos take Paysafe cards. As most of the leading casino companies are now adopting this new payment method so many people ask if they also take Paysafe cards.


Does your favorite online casino now accept payment through this card?

Payment through a debit card is convenient to use and is also safe and secure. So many people prefer to use a debit card to make online payments as it is faster than using a credit card. However, not all online casinos allow this option to their customers. Hence, before you decide on which casino to play in, you need to know if they do take passage payment or not.

One of the main reasons why most of the leading online casinos do not take card payments is because of some legal issues with their credit card processing companies. Hence, they are required to have a valid license for this facility. Not all of them get it. Moreover, some online casinos have been operating for quite some years that have not been able to acquire the necessary license from the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Organization (PCI DSS). This is because they have failed to comply with the stipulated security measures which are necessary for the cardholder.

If you are a customer of an online casino and if you encounter such an obstruction in your payment processing regarding a card, then you should immediately report this to the casino management team. They should take immediate action, because such problems can affect your ability to enjoy your games on these casinos. Therefore, always check the validity of the license of these casinos before using their services.


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If you are playing at an online casino that does not accept credit card payments, it means that your money would be stolen.  Hence, it is better to prevent this kind of issue from taking place in the first place. Therefore, never use any credit card for gaming at these casinos. Do not worry if you encounter such an issue because it would be best that you contact your credit card company before using their services so that you can dispute this issue and get your money back.

Also, another reason why do online casinos take Paysafe cards is because they have agreed to accept only credit cards that belong to the Visa and MasterCard industries. These cardholder cards have the risk factor attached to them. In other words, the risk of non-payment is always present. Hence, if the casino cannot process the card transaction after a specific period due to a lack of card acceptance, the casino will have to incur some losses.

Given these facts, it can be concluded that both online casinos and credit card companies do not want to do transactions only in cash but also in credit. Hence, these casinos prefer using the card as it provides their customers more convenience. This has been a common practice among casinos. It is a common agreement between the card companies and the casinos. In this agreement, the casinos state that they would accept only those cards that belong to the Visa and MasterCard industries. Hence, do online casinos take Paysafe cards?

Now, let us go back to the question – why do online casinos take a credit card for payment when they offer their customers cash options as well? The answer is simple. With a credit card, a customer can make transactions with ease but with cash, he would face the risk of handling a large amount of cash. As a result, the casino would incur extra charges on the card which is equivalent to the additional charges which would be faced if a customer handles a large amount of cash. Now, considering these facts, do online casinos take Paysafe cards? Well, the answer is yes.