About Us

The founder of Matech-competition never gambled before and only became interested in gambling by accident. That chance encounter turned into a lifelong passion for online gambling, and he went on to create one of the most reliable online casino sites in the world. Here is how he started his site and how he succeeded. Read on to learn more about the man behind the success of Matech-competition. Here are some of the challenges the founders faced while establishing their website.

The website was overloaded with content from different casinos around the world, as well as games, but was difficult to maintain. It had over 270,000 visitors in fifteen minutes – a record number of visitors for a site devoted to online gambling. So, what changed? The company cut out approximately 80% of the existing web content, and now features only the most important information. In the process, Matech-competition has become one of the busiest websites in the world.

Matech-competition is the world’s most popular casino portal and has grown to become the leading authority in online gambling. By offering unbiased information and opinions from players, it has earned itself the reputation of being the world’s most trusted online casino portal. The site even singles out superior online casinos by awarding them a Certificate of Trust, demonstrating that they have a high quality complaints process in place. The company’s mission is to guide players to safe, fun, and profitable gambling experiences.

The annual Awards ceremony is held every two years on the 17th of June. The winning casinos are announced on June 17th, 2021, so make sure to vote for your favorite casino. You can also watch the event live on the Matech-competition website. Once the winners are announced, you can celebrate the evening with friends, family, and colleagues. And don’t forget to give your vote to BitStarz! It’s the best time to celebrate the success of online gambling!